About Us

I'm proposing what's needed...

The ability to use Fashion as a platform to foster social change Is something that has helped position my brand among the industry leaders!

Initially what separates me from most designers is not how good i am, it's all in the why I do what I Do!

My main strength is that I see things differently what do i mean by that! I simply think out of the *** Box.

Not seeing African inspired streetwear clothing, was really a turning point in my life, supporting large companies like ralph lauren and Gucci was something that i used to value a lot since my favorite celebrities were wearing them, It took me awhile to understand that i was quote on quote brainwashed to admire those companies.

                            A few questions I had to ask myself 

  1. Why support Companies that don't care about my History?

  2. Why support Companies that make designs insulting Us?

  3. Why support Companies that steal our ideas and not give credit for it?

  4. Why support Companies that won't even Hire US ? in the first place

After asking myself these questions I was motivated by the urge to change the world by transforming the fashion industry. As such, I understand my purpose and calling, believing that i owe it to the world who i was created to be. I visualize the win, make business fun for ourselves as well as our customer and never QUIT, which is the story behind our success.

- Hunt Or Starve