Taking care of Embroidery Garments

Taking care of Embroidery Garments

When washing clothes that have embroidery on them, it's a good idea to turn them inside out. This can help protect the embroidery from getting damaged during the wash. Also, try to avoid washing embroidered items with clothes that have metal zippers or other hardware, as this can cause abrasion.

To prevent shrinking, wash the fabric gently and try to air-dry it if you can. At Prynce Clothing, we always recommend following the care instructions on the fabric label.

If you're worried about the embroidery thread color bleeding onto the fabric (or vice versa), try washing the clothes in cold water. If you notice any bleeding, rinse the clothes in cool water until the color is removed. Some experts say that rayon thread is less colorfast than polyester thread, and deep red colors are more likely to bleed.

When trying to remove stains from embroidered clothes, don't scrub or rub the fabric together, as this could damage the embroidery and make it look fuzzy. Instead, soak the garment in a clean sink or basin. If the clothing floats, you can weigh it down with a water-filled jug. If soaking doesn't work, gently swish the garment around.

If you need to press or iron the embroidered item, use a pressing cloth over the embroidery or iron on the back side. Avoid letting the iron touch the embroidery directly. Also, use dry heat and avoid using the steam feature on your iron, as this can cause the stabilizer to shrink and create a puckered look.

Remember that all textiles show wear as they're washed and used. It's your responsibility to help your embroidered clothes age gracefully.

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